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We are a group of 365 persons who believe that Jesus of Nazareth lives today even though he was executed Roman-style two millennia ago. We look forward with anticipation to his second coming too. Until that time, we take part, individually and as a group, in spreading the good news of his resurrection on Easter Sunday so many years ago. We surrender our lives to his will and try to live as he taught us to do: to put his will first in our lives, to love others as we do ourselves, and to be servants to one another and to others.

The congregation of Ebenezer has been here since 1895. The people who started this congregation were immigrants from the Netherlands who came here for the financial opportunities they heard about. Since they felt a keen dependence upon God and tried to walk closely with him, they gave this congregation the name Ebenezer, a word which has roots in the Hebrew language and carries the thought that God has led us up to this point. Since we feel that way too, we continue the name today.

God has led us in the past not only, but he continues to lead us as members of the body of Christ, - as part of the Reformed tradition in that body, and as part of this grand experiment in democracy: The United States of America. As such, we feel a call to be good stewards of all that God has given: the black thick layer of soil we farm, the water in our aquifers and streams, the atmosphere from which we get our oxygen, the life he gives us daily, and the material blessings we enjoy.

Children's Church
Children's Church

 Supervised Nursery
A supervised nursery is provided