Grandview Reformed Church

27991 US Hwy 281
Armour, SD

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February 21, 2021 - First Sunday in Lent

8:30 AM

Scripture: “ I Samuel 5: 1 - 12 page 425
                     Acts 19: 11 – 20 page 1726
Message:“ Taken in Vain ”


Prayer Family of the week: Jan & Nadia Mudder Family




Birthdays: No birthdays this week


A warm welcome to everyone who is worshipping with us today.
Thanks to Pastor Gary for leading our worship service.
Please join us for coffee, cookies & fellowship in the fellowship hall



9:45 Sunday School

7:00 Catechism



Sunday Feb. 28…..We will partake of the Lord’s Supper

March 8 – 12th Meals on Wheels


The DCS Festival of Tables will be held on Sat. March 13th at 6 PM [is postponed the 27th] Menu: Dinner Salad, Spaghetti Noodles with Tomato Beef Sauce or Creamy Chicken Alfredo sauce with Bread Sticks and Desserts [gluten-free will be available] Battle of the Decades will begin at 7 PM and will include game show competition between the alumni classes. Alumni Graduates will battle it out in family feud form to see which decade takes home the Trophy ! So dust off your yearbook and reacquaint yourself with classmates and friends at the Festival of Tables. The price will be $15 per person or $80 for a table of 8. Reserve your tickets and tables in advance by Feb. 25th and include the decade you graduated in. We are in need of Host & Hostess for each table, if you would be interested serving please contact Angela DeBoer at 605-690-6060, Linda DeHaai at 605-680-4620.

Offerings/contributions can be sent to Matt DeWaard at 27781 390th Avenue, Armour SD 57313.



Have you ever had a “Jesus hug”,
Do you know what one feels like ?
If you’ve never had a “Jesus hug”,
I pray one day you might. 

A “Jesus hug” is different,
As far as hugging goes;
It’s a little taste of Heaven,
Here on earth below. 

Only those who love the Lord,
Can give a “Jesus hug”;
It conveys God’s grace and mercy,
And unconditional love. 

Those who give out ”Jesus hugs”
Always seem to somehow know
Just when you’re in need of one
To make your spirit glow. 

And if you ever need one
I hope that I will see,
So I can give you a “Jesus hug”;
Just like someone did for me. 

…..Jan McIntosh



God always takes the initiative.
We need never wonder if He will respond
to our cry for help-----for He has offered
to help long before the cry was
ever formed on our lips.

He loves you so much that He gave
Himself to you before you were even
ready to receive such a gift.

If you have needs or concerns, please contact one of the elders

Jay DeWaard, Gene Poelstra, Dean Fink, or Mark VanDerWerff

Pastor Gary Maas can be reached at 946-5362 [home] Cell: 680-3641