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Armour, SD

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October 14, 2018

8:30 AM

Scripture: “ II Kings 6: 8 - 23 page 579
                   Hebrews 4: 12 - 13 ”
page 1866
Message: “ The Ultimate CIA ”


USHERS: This week: Rich Spykstra
                  Next week: Aaron Stremick

GREETERS: This week: Jay & Mary DeWaard
                       Next Week: Martha DeVries
                       October 28: Robert & Clarice DeVries

Prayer Family of the week: Troy Bordewyk Family




Birthday’s This Week:


A warm welcome to everyone who is worshipping with us today.
Thanks to Pastor Gary for leading our worship service.
Please join us for coffee and fellowship following our worship service



9:45 am Sunday School 7:00 pm Catechism

The Consistory will be taking nominations from the congregation for 2 elders and 2 deacons. The following are not eligible: Dean Fink, Dwight Mills, Ron Fuoss, Jay Spaans, Eric DeWaard, Matt DeWaard, Mark Fuoss and Davis Vanden Berge [current consistory members] There will be a ballot box on the table in the fellowship hall for the next week.



Wed….Oct 24th 6 pm….Women of Grandview PLEASE reserve this date.

This evening is for ALL the special women of Grandview. It will be a night of fellowship, eating, laughing, music, etc….We have so many wonderful women in our church and we just ant to spend some time learning more about each other and grow in our relationships together as Christian Woman. Our evening meal will be choice of soup and sandwiches, and of course dessert !!

DCS Student Council is selling Butter Braids to raise money to provide scholarships, aid the school, and better their leadership skills. Student Council members to contact to get Butter Braids include: Pearce VP, Sidney M, Kristen M, Alex Maas, Isabel P, Parker VP, Tori DB, Mackenzie M, Cassidy VH, and Sonya H. You can also order by emailing Orders will be taken through Oct 31 and delivered to school November 14th. There is an order blank on the fellowship hall table if you want to place an order. Please make your check out to Dakota Christian School.

Sunday…. October 28th…..observe Lord’s Supper/Pastor Arlin

Sunday..Nov. 4...Mission Sunday with Fred Wilgenburg/New Roots Ministry

Wed. Nov. 14th….8 pm….Consistory will meet.

Sunday.. Dec. 2nd….Annual Congregational meeting following worship service


Don’t forget your items for the Veterans Outreach in Sioux Falls …. THANKS


We express our deepest sympathy to Robert & Clarice DeVries in the loss of Robert’s sister, Ramona VanZee. Prayers are with your family in this difficult time.


Jesus Calling…

       I AM TAKING CARE OF YOU. Feel the warmth and security of being enveloped in My loving Presence. Every detail of your life is under My control. Moreover, everything fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me and are called according to My design and purpose.
      Because the world is in an abnormal, fallen condition, people tend to think that chance governs the universe. Events may seem to occur randomly, with little or no meaning. People who view the world this way have overlooked one basic fact: the limitations of human understanding. What you know of the world you inhabit is only the tip of the iceberg. Submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries too vast for you to comprehend. If you could only see how close I am to you and how constantly I work on your behalf, you would never again doubt that I am wonderfully caring for you. This is why you must live by faith, not by sight, trusting in My mysterious, majestic Presence.
                Romans 8:28; Job 42:1-3; I Peter 5:7; II Corinthians 5:7


If you have needs or concerns, please contact one of the elders

Dean Fink, Dwight Mills, Jay Spaans or Ron Fuoss

Pastor Arlin Vande Zande can be reached at 243-2244 [home]Cell: 491-0411

Pastor Gary Maas can be reached at 946-5362 [home] Cell: 680-3641