Grandview Reformed Church

27991 US Hwy 281
Armour, SD

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July 12, 2020

Services have resumed for those who are comfortable attending.
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8:30 AM

Scripture: “ Joshua 24 : 1 - 27 page 368
                      Mark 14: 27 - 31
page 1580
Message:“ More Than a Plan ”


Prayer Family of the week: Arlin & Marie VandeZande Family



  • Ben & Carol Mulder
  • Jean VanDerWerff
  • Rex Winter
  • Seth Reposa


    July 13 Teresa VanDen Berge
    July 14 Ben Mulder
    July 14 Shane Larson
    July 17 Audrey Mudder
    July 17 Callum Metzinger

    July 12 Marvin & Pat Mills [Marv & Pat will be serving goodies for their anniversary [56th] following the worship service]


A warm welcome to everyone who is worshipping with us today.
Thanks to Pastor Gary for leading our worship service.
We will be serving coffee and juice after the worship service.



Friday July 17th 9 am to 2 pm…Day Camp….Expressing God’s love thru lesson, verse, games, singing, Nativity ceramics painting, crafts, pizza, ice cream, bounce house and more! Kids entering K – 6th Grades are welcome ! Contact Carla so seating can be set up and food ready.



July 27 – 31 Grandview’s turn for Meals on Wheels

Please keep Mary DeWaard in your prayers as she will be having back surgery this Friday the 17th.


Dakota Christian is excited to welcome Destiny Wolbrink as the new 3rd and 4th grade teacher for the upcoming school year. Destiny is from Stickney, and she graduated from Northwestern College in 2018. Please give a warm DC welcome to her when you meet her! DCS is still searching for a band director for the upcoming school year.

For Sale….LASAGNAS !! The DCS Fellowship will be making lasagnas on Monday, Aug. 3rd. This is an excellent opportunity to fill your own freezer of bring to someone who may need one at a later date. 3 sizes available: 9 X 13 for $20, 8 X 8 for $14 or 3 X 7 for $ 8. To order call/text Harriett Sybesma at 680-1210. Time is short so prompt orders appreciated.


He’s Only a Breath Away ! …..Louvenia Duncan

When I feel far from God,
There’s a special thing that I do;
I take a very deep breath !
He gave it also to you.

The breath that we breathe so easily,
It came from God above,
It’s a divine connection,
To the one that we love.

His offspring we are, and,
It is Him from whence we came.
He gave us our lives,
And He knows us by name.

He’s aware of our conditions,
Having numbered our head of hairs.
God is not far from us;
God is near and He cares.

Breathing into man the breath of life,
Man became a living soul !
Reach to Him, He reaches back !
He wants to make us whole.

So when you are feeling far from God,
And are having a lonesome day,
Take a deep breath and remind yourself,
“God is only a breath away !
He’s only a breath away ! “

If you have needs or concerns, please contact one of the elders

Jay DeWaard, Gene Poelstra, Dean Fink, or Mark VanDerWerff

Pastor Gary Maas can be reached at 946-5362 [home] Cell: 680-3641