Grandview Reformed Church

27991 US Hwy 281
Armour, SD

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June 18, 2017

9:00 AM

Scripture: “ Matthew 7: 7 – 12, Hebrews 12: 1 – 10 ”
Message: “ For the Kids ” 


USHERS: This week: Robert DeVries
                  Next week: Jay DeWaard

GREETERS: This week: Aaron Stremick Family
                       Next Week: Ted Tornow Family
                       July 2: Davis & Teresa Vanden Berge Family

Prayer Family of the week: Roke VandenHoek Family




Birthday’s This Week:
    June 19 Maddie Vanden Berge
    June 20 Ryan VanZee
    June 24 Adam Fink

    June 21 Ron & Kay Weber


A warm welcome to everyone who is worshipping with us today.
Thanks to Pastor Gary for leading our worship service.
Please join us for coffee and fellowship following the worship service.



Friday…June 23rd ….7:30 PM SONrise [Harlow & Jarene Rudolph] will be singing in our church.



Next Sunday….June 25th…..Observance of the Lord’s Supper

SAVE THE DATE….July 28th J20 DayCamp



God and father of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
    you have gathered us as your own family,
    happy to act as our father
    and to have us call you father,
    providing us with all we need
    to live and thrive on earth. 

This day we thank you for the blessing of fathers,
    for all our own fathers have done for us
    to rear us to take care of ourselves and our world,
    to guide us into the paths of peace and righteousness,
    to show us how to be both strong and gentle. 

We pray for those men who are fathers
    who find themselves unable or unwilling
    to fulfill their roles as dad for their children. 

We pray for new fathers,
    learning to care for and enjoy their little ones,
    experienced fathers who are learning
    to let go of their children,
    and for fathers whose unseen presence
    still guides their adult children. 

Bless, we ask, the memory of fathers
    who have passed into your presence,
    guide and sustain those whose fatherly work is not yet done,
    and give us all the grace we need to build up
    the children of generations who will come after us.

If you have needs or concerns, please contact one of the elders

Keith Venhuizen, Gary Menning, Dean Fink & Dwight Mills


Pastor Arlin Vande Zande can be reached at 243-2244 [home]Cell: 491-0411

Pastor Gary Maas can be reached at 946-5362 [home] Cell: 680-3641