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February 18, 2018

First Sunday in Lent

8:30 AM

Scripture: “ I Samuel 13: 5 - 15 page 436
                    II Samuel 9: 1 – 13
page 483
Message: “ The Heart of the King ”


USHERS: This week: Heath Brouwer
                  Next week: Kase Brouwer

GREETERS: This week: Heath Brouwer Family
                        Next Week: Martha DeVries
                        March 4: Robert & Clarice DeVries

Prayer Family of the week: Gary Menning Family




Birthday’s This Week:



The new quarterly RCA magazine has been placed on the fellowship table. Please take one.

A warm welcome to everyone who is worshipping with us today.
Thanks to Pastor Gary for leading our worship service.
Please join us for coffee and fellowship following worship service.



9:45 AM Sunday School

7:00 PM Catechism



Wed …Feb 21…7:30 pm….Consistory Meeting



Sunday Feb 25 We will partake of the Lord’s Supper

Harrison Community Church will be hosting a request program on Sunday February 25 at 7 pm for the benefit of CASA. This service will be held in the North Church Building. You are welcome to come and enjoy an evening of good music, refreshments and fellowship as you support the cause of helping children living in poor circumstances.

March 12 – 16 ….Week for Meals on Wheels


All women of Grandview are encouraged to pay their $20 Women of Hope annual dues. These dues allow us to host our spring and Christmas women’s events. Please give to Angela Spaans, Treas. Thanks !!


CONGRATULATIONS to Michael & Cheri Vogt on the birth of a daughter. Aubree Ann was born Feb. 10th. Aubree joins a brother, Brayden. God is so good !


Let us Worship God with Justice

Let us worship God with justice, even as we sing and pray.
Let us keep the fast God chooses on this day and every day.
Lift your voice for liberation, speak the truth and never fear,
For the God of our Salvation even now is drawing near. 

Share your table with the hungry, share your plenty with the poor;
When you see the tired and homeless offer them an open door.
Comfort those who are afflicted, work to set the captive free.
Live with kindness, never hiding from your human family.

Then your light will shine like morning and your Savior will appear.
You will call and God will answer: ‘faithful servant, I am here.”
Then the Holy One will guide you; you will be like living streams.
God will lift the fallen cities and restore the people’s dreams. 

Lift your voice for liberation; speak the truth and never fear,
For the God of our salvation even now is drawing near.
Keep the fast of faith in action on this day and every day.
Worship God with peace and justice, even as we sing and pray.

If you have needs or concerns, please contact one of the elders

Dean Fink, Dwight Mills, Jay Spaans or Ron Fuoss

Pastor Arlin Vande Zande can be reached at 243-2244 [home]Cell: 491-0411

Pastor Gary Maas can be reached at 946-5362 [home] Cell: 680-3641